TRANSDOTT EU Funded Project

Following the success of Reprodott, Allotuna and Selfdott projects, MFF was the sole ABFT broodstock partner in the TRANSDOTT project (Translation of Domestication of Thunnus thynnus into an innovative commercial application), which was also funded by the EU Seventh Framework Program. With a total budget of around €1.0 million, this project, that was coordinated by the University of Dusseldorf, Germany, along with another seven partners from Malta, Israel, Norway, Spain and Italy, aimed to further advance the technologies developed in SELFDOTT and in Japan and implement them within the industry.

MFF implemented different egg collection methods to the DOTT projects’ methods and markedly improved egg collection in Malta. All hatcheries were supplied with fertilised ABFT eggs during 2012, 2013 and 2014, with a maximum of 24 shipments in 2014. Improved broodstock nutrition produced very high quality fertilised eggs and the project hatcheries improved their methodology with improved survival rates. Notable developments in larval rearing were obtained from IOLR in Israel, whereby Futuna Blue in Spain produced quality ABFT fingerlings from their facilities in Spain.

Collecting ABFT fertilised eggs from MFF cages during the Transdott Project.

ABFT broodstock in MFF cage during the Transdott Project.

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