SELFDOTT EU Funded Project

MFF was a significant partner in the EU funded (Seventh Framework Program) SELFDOTT project that was coordinated by the Instituto Español de Oceanografía (IEO) in Spain and included a another 12 governmental and private partners, from Greece, France, Germany, Spain, Malta, Italy and Norway. SELFDOTT (From capture based to SELF-sustained aquaculture and Domestication Of bluefin tuna) was launched in January 2008 and the initial three-year project was extended until 2011.

This project had a total budget of €4.4 Million and achieved three major objectives successfully:

  1. Improving controlled spawning of captive BFT and collecting the resulting fertilized eggs.
  2. Developing techniques for mass rearing of the BFT larvae and production of juveniles.
  3. Developing artificial diets for weaning BFT larvae from live food, juveniles feed and grow-out feed.

MFF played an important role in broodstock nutrition experiments, broodstock management, egg collection and larval rearing trials.

To view a list of some of the publications produced as a result of our R&D please click here.