shutterstock_253275079OUR CLIENTS

MFF strives to build long term relationships with its clients;  this is achieved by providing consistent quality products at competitive prices.

Atlantic Bluefin Tuna

The company has  very good business relationship with European and American buyers of Atlantic bluefin tuna.  The Japanese buyers, with whom MFF Ltd has formed strong relationships over many years, can be compared, in terms of recognition, with other major companies in Japan.  These companies are involved in the production of value added products as well as fresh and frozen products.  These companies sell the company’s fresh and frozen products in the well established markets throughout Japan and the USA.

Other Species

Other species of fish produced by MFF Ltd are sold to various European and North African countries. Our clients appreciate the quality of the product which MFF can provide. MFF Ltd is well equipped to cater for the strict quality requirements of our clients and our staff understand the importance of quality to our clients. The way the farms are managed and the staff trained, MFF Ltd is always ready to process client’s requests, even at short notice, and this flexibility is an integral part of the service offered to our clients.